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The musical compositions of Richard Burdick

Opus 99:

Opus 99 is really a catch-all opus number for scale studies, interval studies, the arpeggios and more. There are 16 volumes of music "Interval Studies" . . . .an excellent set of books to practise sit-reading and harder intervals
opus 99a: I Ching Scales (v.2)

opus 99b: I Ching Arpeggios

This work is registered with ASCAP as # 2806467


I have hear rumors that a number of these piece have been performed
please let me know of performances.

The sheet music is available upon request.

The original wind chime set can be rented

opus 99c-q : I Ching Interval studies ( in 16 books)
opus 99r: Hunting etudes
opus 99s: I Ching Energy Patterns
The CD Portal is a version of the Interval studies (IC #48) so it should be classifiled as opus 99m.1
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